When to Get Checked for Skin Cancer

 When to Get Checked for Skin Cancer

The most widespread type of cancer is skin cancer. Skin cancer is significantly easier to cure if caught early when it is minimal and has not spread. Early detection of skin cancer is possible if you know the signs. A skin cancer self-exam is one of the simplest strategies to ensure early detection.

What to Know About Skin Cancer

Early Indicators of Skin Cancer

You may play a significant part in saving your life by inspecting your skin every month for anomalies that could be indicators of early cancer and reporting them to your doctor.

Some typical changes that you can notice are:

  • Any uncommon spot on your skin
  • Sores that don't heal
  • Redness or new edema around a mole
  • Color that extends from a spot's edge into the skin around it
  • Recurrent itching, soreness, or tenderness in a specific region
  • Oozing or bleeding mole
  • A lump or bump on the mole's surface

How to Check for Skin Cancer

If you are questioning how often you should check for skin cancer, once a month is good enough. It's generally best to do it right before or after a shower. A full-length mirror and a hand mirror with a strong light source are required. It is recommended to have a partner examine your scalp and back to detect changes easily.

You can carry out a step-by-step skin cancer check, starting from your face, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, underarms and going to the front of the thighs and calves. Also, bend your arms and hands to examine the elbows, forearms, palms, and back of your hand and all sides of fingers including fingernails.

Use a hand mirror to examine your back and sides, including the legs and bottom of your feet. Don't forget to inspect the back of your neck and scalp. The areas around the ears and behind each ear are also important. End the self-exam by checking for any unusual spots or moles on your buttocks, genitalia, and lower back.

If you ever notice any changes or unusual growth on your skin, do not hesitate to contact a dermatologist to get a skin cancer screening.

Skin Cancer Screening

A skin cancer screening, often known as a skin cancer test, is a thorough examination of your skin done by a dermatologist or healthcare practitioner. Skin cancer screenings are usually performed to detect skin cancer before it spreads, as it is one of the most widespread cancers in the United States.

Your skin cancer dermatologist will most likely ask you several questions to determine your skin cancer risk during the screening. For the skin inspection, you will generally need to undress (leave your underwear on). Your doctor may examine any suspicious areas on your skin using a special device with a magnifying lens. If your doctor suspects you have skin cancer, they may do a skin biopsy by getting a tissue sample of your skin for further examination at a laboratory.

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